About Us

Who We Are?

Gill Humes BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCE, PQH is Director of Deliberate Learning. Beginning her career as a post-primary teacher of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and later working for the Education Authority, Gill is passionate about STEM education. Our world is changing at a pace unmatched by any other point in history. That change is affecting our country in all sorts of positive ways, but it also means that to succeed in a global economy, the workforce of tomorrow has to have the skills and knowledge to compete in a changing world. STEM subjects keep young people’s options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers.

Gill has been the project lead on STEM Learning’s programmes in Northern Ireland for the last 8 years, sharing and implementing a vision to achieve a world-leading STEM education for all young people.

What We Do?

As well as STEM CPD and STEM enrichment activities, we are passionate about great teaching. There is a mass of misinformation about the effectiveness of different teaching approaches, so everything we do is based on the latest research and has proven impact. We can work with you to design training based on the needs of your teachers and your School Development Plan.

Meet The Team

Lesley Hunter

After starting her career by teaching physics in post primary schools, Lesley moved into the primary sector over twenty years ago, taking her passion for science with her.  

She was seconded to work with a number of schools, with a focus on outdoor learning and then, after returning to her own school, was awarded what was then called the AstraZeneca Primary Science Teaching Award in 2011. Along with another school, she piloted the PSQM Quality mark in Northern Ireland, leading her school to achieve the Gold Award and then went on to become a PSQM Hub Leader.

Lesley currently works as a primary science consultant, working with individual schools and clusters and helping to design and present courses in Northern Ireland for STEM Learning. She has written a series of four books entitled “Here’s my topic…Where’s my Science?” (see the resources section). Her desire to improve the provision of science in all NI schools has seen her frequently meeting with politicians and inspectors and she is also a professional associate with CCEA, an Edina consultant, and a member of the Northern Ireland ASE committee. 

Despite all this she stills finds time to relax with family and friends, grow vegetables and fiddle round with wood.

Linda McKee

Linda McKee has 25 years’ experience in primary education. She is currently a teacher at Antrim Primary School where she is the STEM coordinator and member of the SLT.

Over the past eight years Linda has delivered CPD for the National STEM Learning Centre CPD courses and has worked as a Teacher Developer in Education Authority schools. She is a member of the ASE committee and she helps to plan and organise ASE Primary Teachmeets.

Linda promotes the development of scientific enquiry through project work including STEM assignments and challenges which are showcased each year at the Young Innovators Exhibition and Science Blast Fair. Under her guidance, her school’s F1 team were the overall champions at the UK F1 in Schools national finals.

Linda piloted PSQM in Northern Ireland and achieved the gold award. In 2012 she became a Primary Science Teaching Trust Fellow and is now an Area Mentor for Northern Ireland.

Linda is our technology expert and can build anything from everyday objects!

Maura Hughes

Maura Hughes was a primary school teacher for 28 years, and then worked for 10 years as an advisory officer at the North Eastern Education and Library Board (NEELB). Here she planned and delivered courses and training sessions, as well as school-based INSET and cluster sessions to enhance learning and teaching of Science and the World Around Us.

Maura has extensive experience working with teachers, schools, colleges and universities and has been an educational consultant for a range of bodies including the BBC. While working with Sentinus, Maura hosted and judged many STEM events, and supported student teachers to deliver Technology and Design on teaching practice.

In 2016 Maura became a consultant with the Edina Trust on their science grant scheme offering bursaries to support science learning in primary schools and nurseries across Northern Ireland.

From January 2012 until the present day Maura has been an independent consultant working with STEM learning as a course leader. She has been responsible for designing, preparing and delivering science courses across Northern Ireland, and when it comes to the World Around Us Area of Learning, Maura is an expert …even on the History aspects!


I have attended several STEM Enthuse CPD courses, always with excellent facilitators. The courses are always varied, informative, hands-on and give loads of practical, fun activities to teach in class. These courses have sharpened my own mind in the understanding of teaching Science in the Primary School, kept me up to date with new Science initiatives and given me the confidence to feed-back to my colleagues in school.

St Colman’s Primary School

I have found the 3-day course to have great impact on my own teaching. I am teaching more lessons outdoors and looking at my lessons through a STEM lens – trying to see how we can add an investigative element or go outdoors. I have also disseminated a lot of the information to the staff through INSET sessions.

Glencraig IPS

This is one of the best courses I’ve attended. I wish other teachers in my school could access this training.

Bloomfield Collegiate College

I intend to share the finding of this back in school. It’s refreshing to have content that is research informed.

Lisneal College