Light and Sound in the Primary Curriculum (NN025)

This 3 session course will take a blended approach, being delivered by both online and a face to face hands-on practical workshop.  It will reinforce teachers’ subject knowledge of the topics light and sound and explore practical ways of extending pupils’ understanding through a

progression of activities across the primary curriculum. On the third day teachers will be given the opportunity to go through the design process and make a range of models to take back to school.

Teachers will also receive units of work which incorporate the progression of skills for the topics of light and sound.



Participants will:

  • experience a range of activities designed to engage and excite pupils in science and technology.
  • acquire a range of skills through hands on experience, designing and making models and consider how these can be used in the classroom.
  • explore ways of linking light and sound to other areas of the curriculum.


25th February 2022 (not a live session, no sub cover needed)

25th March 2022(not a live session, no sub cover needed)

13th May 2022 (must be available – face to face, Antrim Board Centre)

Course Fee £180Bursary Amount £425