Teaching STEM Through ICT – Northern Ireland Teachers ONLY


This course will take a blended approach, being delivered by an initial face to face hands-on practical workshop and a follow up online session. The course will give you the opportunity to experience STEM in Minecraft (CCEA) activities and provide a guide of how to best use the resources in your classroom. There will be an opportunity to develop your coding skills across the Key Stages and help primary school pupils explore coding concepts and begin to think like coders through the use of Code-a-Pillar and Code.org. We will also examine a variety of learning materials which are available for the iPad that support pupils in STEM subjects. Overall the course touches on many areas of the ICT curriculum, bringing subject knowledge and programming skills to engaging and enjoyable classroom activities

Who is it for?

primary teachers, WAU co-ordinators, STEM co-ordinators, IT co-ordinators

What topics are covered?


How will you learn?

face to face and remote

How long is this course?

2 day face to face

One day remote with a shortened session

Course Fee £200Bursary Amount £400